Planned Giving & Bartlett Tower Society


Hank Amon and Bill Webster – Gift Planning Co-Chairs and Bartlett Tower Society

Did you know that gifts from estate plans represent up to 1/3 of all gifts received by the College in any given year? In fact, just in the fourth quarter of the fiscal year ended June 30, 2019, the College received $5.1 million in gifts through wills, life insurance policies, retirement plans and life income plans. Did you also know that there are over 4,500 Bartlett Tower Society members, including 66 of our classmates, who have provided for Dartmouth in their estate plans?

For those of you who may not know, the Bartlett Tower Society (BTS) honors alumni and friends of Dartmouth who have included Dartmouth in their estate plans. Membership in the BTS can be obtained by (among other things):

  • leaving Dartmouth a percentage of or specified dollar amount from your estate (through a will or trust),
  • naming Dartmouth as a beneficiary of a retirement plan (401(k), IRA etc.) ,
  • establishing a charitable gift annuity,
  • establishing a charitable remainder unitrust, or
  • establishing a donor advised fund.

Whether you have ever considered this sort of philanthropy or not, I would urge you to contact Darius Long in the Office of Gift Planning at or by calling him at 603-646-3080. Darius and his staff can be most helpful and will gladly either record you as a BTS member or explain the various ways you might plan now for a future gift to Dartmouth. Of course, we would be pleased to speak with you as well ( or 646-761-4483 and or 860-388-2425)

You can also find more information about planned giving on the Dartmouth Gift Planning Office website

As of March 1, 2020, the Class of 1965 had 66 BTS members.  Hopefully, you will consider becoming our newest member! Remember, Dartmouth appreciates estate gifts of any size!”


Hank & Bill

Class of 1965
Bartlett Tower
Society Members

Carl H. Amon III

Theodore W. Atkinson, Jr.

Richard J. Avery

Charles M. Bailin

Richard B. Beams 

Thomas C. Bettman, M.D.

Robert D. Blake

Donald M. Boardman 

Carl A. Boe

Theodore L. Bracken, Sr.

Donald E. Bradley

Mark J. Brodkey, M.D.

Timothy C. Bryant

J. Gary Bucher

John D. Bullock, M.D.

Brian E. Butler

James F. Carey III

M/M Robert M. Cox, Jr.

Harry B. Croswell

Lee Daneker

Richard J. Davey

Stephen R. Demeritt

Robert J. Eckert

Robert Z. Ernst

John Chris Fisher

Thomas W. Flechtner

M/M Peter G. Frederick

Michael Gonnerman

James W. Griffiths

Roger Hansen, M.D.

James W. Hamilton*

Richard J. Harris, Jr.

H. Bradford Hawley, M.D.

Gary C. Herbst

John D. Herney

Bruce D. Jolly

Sven B. Karlen, Jr.

Edward A. Keible, Jr.*

M/M Stuart J. Keiller

Charles D. LaFiura

Richard P. Leach, Jr. M.D.

Douglas C. Leitch*Jr.

C. Thomas Long

Jaan Lumi

John S. Macdonald, Jr. M.D.

Michael W. Mascari

Whitefoord S. Mays III

Robert S. McConnaughey 

Kenneth R. McGruther

M/M Thomas E. Meacham

Roger Meade

Stanlis D. Milkowski

Michael T. Mosher, Jr.*

Mark E. Nackman 

Michael B. Orr

Paul C. Pringle

Peter Sapione*

Richard K. Shaw, M.D.

Joel W. Sterman & Barbara E. Shiers

Peyton A. Storli 

Bruce S. Wagner

Marshall F. Wallach

Stephen L. Waterhouse

William O. Webster

Robert R. Williams

M/M Allen W. Zern