Fall 2018 Mini Reunion at Mt. Moosilauke and Hanover 

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June 2016 Normandy D-Day

Hanover – Homecoming Mini- Reunion



October 28 – 30, 2016

Join other ’65’s for a fun fall weekend in Hanover! The 2016 mini’ will be held on Dartmouth Night / Homecoming weekend, October 28-30. The weekend will offer many athletic contests versus Harvard.

We will take over Pierce’s Inn in Etna, 3 ½ miles from the Dartmouth campus. Pierce’s features a massive stone fireplace and is a great place to relax and chat with classmates. Pierce’s offers several rooms and great breakfasts – for reservations: e-mail or call (603) 643 2997

Linda and Steve Fowler are opening their home in Hanover for a wine and hearty hors d’ oeuvres reception on Friday evening. From Fowler’s it’s an easy walk to the Green to enjoy the bonfire and other Dartmouth Night activities, including the parade – driving/ parking directions will be provided to registrants.

On Saturday morning there will be a tailgate cookout on the Sphinx grounds, joint with the Class of 1964. In the evening, we will have a cocktail party and dinner at Pierce’s, again with the 1964s. We expect to have a performance by one of the Dartmouth singing groups – perhaps followed by a fireside sing-along led by some of our musically-talented attendees.

Scheduled activities are as follows:

Friday, October 28 6:00 pm Reception at Fowlers’

7:30 pm Dartmouth Night parade

8:30 pm Dartmouth Night bonfire

Saturday, October 29 11:00 Women’s soccer vs. Harvard

11:30 am Tailgate cookout on Sphinx grounds

1:00 pm Field hockey vs. Harvard

1:30 pm Football vs. Harvard

4:30 pm Men’s soccer vs. Harvard

5:00 pm Women’s volleyball vs. Penn

6:00 pm Cocktails and dinner at Pierce’s

Sunday, October 30 9:00 am Tom Long talk on 2017 Normandy trip at Pierce’s

9:30 am Class meeting at Pierce’s

For athletic event tickets, call 603-646-2466




October 28-30, 2016


Click here to print information and registration form: 2016 Mini promo-registration

Please complete this form and mail it, along with your check, to our Treasurer

George Wittreich, 6 Candleberry Lane. Belmont MA 02478

Be sure to provide your e-mail address; we will use it to communicate additional mini-reunion related information only. Please make your check payable to “Dartmouth 1965” and include it with this registration form.

Your name: _____________________________________________________

Wife/Date name: _________________________________________________

E-mail address: __________________________________________________

Social Events: Friday Evening Reception [__ persons @ $20] $________

Saturday Cookout [__ persons @ $20] $________

Saturday Cocktails/Dinner [__ persons @ $65] $________

TOTAL $_________





Hold the Date October 9-11, 2015


The Great Dartmouth Class of 1965 will hold its next Mini-Reunion in Hanover on Homecoming Weekend.

Events will kick-off on Friday, October 9, with a reception at Linda and Steve Fowler’s home at 6:00 PM followed by the traditional Jim Griffiths’ hayride, parade and bonfire.

Saturday will feature a tailgate starting at 11:30 AM. The football game vs. Yale begins at 1:30.

The Class dinner at Pierce’s Inn will start with cocktails at 6:00 PM and then dinner.

The annual Class of 1965 meeting will be held at Pierce’s on Sunday at 9:30 AM.

Foliage should be at peak viewing and mid-October New England offers the prospect of warm days and cool evenings.

October 17-19, 2014
Warm up for our 50th reunion by joining other ’65s for a fun fall weekend in
Hanover! The 2014 mini’ will be held on Dartmouth Night / Homecoming weekend,
October 17-19. The weekend will offer peak foliage viewing and, we hope, pleasant
We will take over Pierce’s Inn in Etna, 3 ½ miles from the Dartmouth campus.
Pierce’s features a massive stone fireplace and is a great place to relax and chat with
classmates. Pierce’s offers several rooms and great breakfasts – e-mail to make reservations.
Linda and Steve Fowler are opening their home in Hanover for a wine and hearty
hors d’ oeuvres reception on Friday evening. From Fowler’s it is an easy walk to the
Green to enjoy the bonfire and other Dartmouth Night activities, including the parade in
Jim Griffiths’ hay wagon – driving/parking directions will be provided to registrants.
Following dinner on Saturday, we expect to have a performance by the Dartmouth
Decibelles – perhaps followed by a fireside sing-along led by some of our musicallytalented
Scheduled activities are as follows:
Friday, October 17 6:00 pm Reception at Fowlers’
7:30 pm Dartmouth Night parade
8:30 pm Dartmouth Night bonfire
Saturday, October 18 11:30 am Tailgate cookout on Sphinx grounds
Noon Field Hockey vs. Yale
1:30 pm Football vs. Holy Cross
4:30 pm Men’s Soccer vs. Penn
6:00 pm Cocktails and dinner at Pierce’s
Sunday, October 19 9:30 am Class meeting at Pierce’s
For athletic event tickets, call 603-646-2466.


 George Wittreich, Chairman, Hanover Mini-Reunions 



October 11-13, 2013


The reunion was based at Pierce’s Inn in Etna, 3 ½ miles from the Dartmouth campus. We had the Inn to ourselves; it’s a great place to relax and visit.

Betsy and Mike Gonnerman opened their home in Hanover for a wine and hearty hors d’ oeuvres reception on Friday evening.  The Gonnerman home is an easy walk to the Green to enjoy the bonfire and other Dartmouth Night activities, including the parade in Jim Griffiths’ hay wagon.


Hay wagon characters (left front around to right front): Mike Gonnerman, Sharon Blake, Roger Hansen, Diane Keiller, Stu Keiller, Steve Waterhouse, Ed Keible, Bill Webster, Jan Lumi, Ken McGruther


Scheduled activities were as follows:


Friday, October 11

5:30 pm           Reception at Gonnerman’s

7:30 pm           Dartmouth Night parade

8:30 pm           Dartmouth Night bonfire


Saturday, October 12

Noon               Tailgate cookout on Sphinx grounds

1:30 pm           Football vs. Yale (We beat them!)

6:00 pm           Cocktails and dinner at Pierce’s


Sunday, October 13

9:30 am           Class meeting at Pierce’s



George Wittreich, Chairman, Hanover Mini-Reunions


70th Birthday Party and the “Etiquette Dinner”

with the Class of 2015 

Here’s who came: Rich and Mahala Beams, David and Susan Beattie, Bob and Sharon Blake, Ted Bracken, Ren and Toni Carlisle and children, Steve and Linda Fowler, Mike Gonnerman, Jim and Debbie Griffiths, Jim Hamilton, Roger and Nancy Hansen, Dick and Virginia Harris, Rob and Suzy Hartford, Ed Keible, Stu and Diane Keiller, Tom and Susan Long and granddaughter, Bob and French McConnaghey, David and Ellen Wagner and George and Jane Wittreich.


Rich and Mahala Beams with their 2015 students at Etiquette Dinner

FRIDAY EVENING:We joined students of the Class of 2015 at the “Etiquette Dinner” at the Hanover Inn. We sponsor the event as part of the CLASS CONNECTIONS PROGRAM. This event has been in place several years and has been regarded as one of the most fun events for undergraduate and alumni participants alike.


SATURDAY: Class Meeting took place at Dartmouth Hall, after which we adjourned for an Insider’s Tour of the Hood Museum of Art. We had the storage area completely to ourselves for a special display of some of the 99% of the Hood’s collection which featured some of classmate’s work.

Secretary Tom Long entertained us with his historical insight

SATURDAY EVENING: 70th Birthday Dinner Party was held in the Paganucci Lounge located in the Class of 1953 Commons. SUNDAY: Breakfast was for exploring on our own and breakfast with friends.


Thanks to George and Jane Wittreich for a superb job of organizing this special weekend.


TOP ROW: Stu Keiller, Dave Beattie, Jane Wittreich

SECOND ROW: Nancy Hansen, Mike Gonnerman, Dianne Keillor

THIRD ROW: Rob Hartford, Rich Beams


Dartmouth Class of 1965 Class Meeting

Pierce’s Lodge, Etna NH

Minutes of 14 October 2012

Officers Present: Roger Hansen (President), Ken McGruther (Vice-President), Mike Gonnerman (Treasurer), George Wittreich (Minis Chairman), Steve Fowler (50th Reunion). Also Present: Bill Webster, Hank Amon, Larry Duffy, Brian Walsh, John Rodgers, Steve Waterhouse, Jim Griffiths, Tom Campbell


The meeting was called to order at 9:37 AM in the Dining Room of Pierce’s Lodge, Etna, NH. President Roger Hansen welcomed all and opened the meeting with a few remarks, specifically including thanking George and Jane Wittreich for having put on an excellent Mini over the weekend, and to Bob and French McConnaughey for having hosted the Friday night reception at their home in Thetford VT. Minutes of both last year’s meeting in October 2011 and the Executive Committee meeting held on July 10th at Webster’s were circulated, reviewed, and approved.


Treasury Report: Treasurer Mike Gonnerman reported on Class Treasury.  Highlights as of Sept. 30, 2012:  There are $16,000 in unrestricted funds, including fees for the Mini yet to be disbursed.  The majority of the restricted funds are for the Passion for Skiing/Snow project, with lesser amounts for the Alumni Book Fund and 50th Reunion.  More than $268,000 has been raised for the book and film elements of which our Class has contributed about half, with 40 other Classes and some corporations and other organizations contributing the balance.  The Passion Project will be completed during this fiscal year.


Usual expenses of donations to College programs and bank fees are essentially unchanged.  It was generally noted that about $5000 should be held in reserve as “seed money” for the 50th Reunion. $3000 is budgeted for the “Etiquette Dinner” for the Class of 2015. A similar amount is budgeted for 2014. The Class will be “saving” $7000/year since the College has picked up the expense of Dartmouth Alumni Magazine subscriptions and insurance.  Dues will remain at $65 per year.  With about 280 dues payers, this provides about $18,200 in annual dues income.


Out-of-Hanover Mini-Reunions:

Discussion of the treasury segued to the topic of the “Etiquette Dinner” in July 2013 with the Class of 2015.  In the interest of maximizing participation at the dinner by Classmates, it was agreed that we would combine this with a weekend Mini Reunion to celebrate our communal 70th Birthday and also hold the “Executive Committee” Meeting for 2013, rather than gathering at Webster’s.  This was formally moved, seconded and approved. Roger Hansen had been pursuing the possibility of the Class birthday being in Washington DC in May; this motion deferred that gathering, perhaps to our collective 75th birthday.

Ken McGruther described possibilities for a Spring 2014 Mini on Amelia Island, Florida. After some discussion it was the general consensus of the Class to combine this with the annual Shrimp Festival held on the first weekend of May each year in Fernandina Beach, which provides a ready-made focus of interest on the artwork and culinary offerings associated with the Festival. On that basis Ken agreed to investigate rooming opportunities (ideally at the Hampton Inn and Suites downtown) and if possible reserve a block of rooms.  He and Jorunn will host an event either Thursday or Friday night at their place 1.5 miles east of downtown. Another possibility would be to show the updated version of P4Ski movie, hoping to attract Classmates from the southeast. Ken said he would be asking for “seed money” to start making bookings, but that he was not at this time prepared to ask for a specific figure.


Steve Waterhouse subsequently described the Vail Winter Carnivail for 2013: dates are March 1-3, and Steve is hoping for the biggest Carnivail ever, with more classes participating. Plans include a class dinner on Thursday night, a Friday dinner at Sonnenalp Restaurant, and a Saturday night gathering featuring the updated P4Ski movie showing, with participants from the 1950 Winter Olympics in attendance. Steve noted that the showing of P4Ski movie in conjunction with the Dartmouth Winter Carnival in 2013 “needs a plan.”


50th Reunion: Steve Fowler reported on planning for the 50th Reunion on behalf of himself and co-chair Mike Bettman. Dates are June 11-16, 2015, with the “core dates” being June 12-14th. Extension of the reunion beyond the core dates has been common among earlier classes to provide for the possibility of “Affinity Group” meetings and other activities.  Steve asked for help on “existential issues” such as (1) what is a reasonable objective for attendance? (2) whether to broaden the weekend to include additional activities; and (3) associated issues like preparation of the Yearbook, using Facebook, using the Website, etc. Discussion centered on improving the potential for participation. Steve said that based on past Reunion totals that 200 Classmates would be “big for us” even if the College expects more.


Given that cost may be a barrier to attendance at the reunion for some Classmates, a motion was made and approved to authorize Steve Fowler and Mike Bettman to consider the various possible ways the Class might help and to make a specific recommendation to the Class for this at next meeting. Discussion concluded with agreement that via Executive Order President Roger Hansen could authorize up to $5000 for seed money for the 50th Reunion, that money to be eventually reimbursed to the Treasury after the Reunion.


As part of the effort to increase participation, Roger Hansen stated that he nearly had the Affinity Group effort organized and would be putting out information on how we would be encouraging Classmates to communicate with others who had common interests and activities as undergraduates.

Dartmouth College Fund:  Don Bradley has recruited 13 new assistant agents for the campaign.  He looks forward to having a handful of assistant head agents to focus on various leadership gifts and/or projects as we move toward the Reunion.


Miscellaneous Reports: Class Newsletter-Dick Harris doing four per year, with three being hardcopy. Class Website-Jim Hamilton has it well organized and keeps it updated. Bartlett Tower Society-with the passing of Doug Leitch, new leadership is being sought.  Dartmouth Alumni Council- Peter Frederick, who now heads the trustee recruiting effort, was in New York City on College for interviews; Ed Keible is now Class Representative to the Alumni Council; Mike Gonnerman is the rep from the Class Treasurers Association and is on the committee for honorary degrees. We would particularly welcome suggestions of Classmates to be considered for honorary degrees in 2015. Each of our Council members welcome questions and suggestions regarding Council activities. Hank Amon reported that the Class of 1965 Scholarships continue to fund one Class Scholar in each undergraduate class.


In-Hanover Mini-Reunions: George Wittreich reported satisfaction with this weekend and again thanked the McConnaugheys for their hospitality. Classmates now resident in the Upper Valley, and others who return for Homecoming over October 26-28th were encouraged to march in the Homecoming Parade on 10/26 carrying the Class of 1965 sign. Next year’s dates for the Mini will coincide with Homecoming: October 11-13th with the football game being against Yale. Jim Griffiths volunteered to put together the hay-ride for the parade. Mike and Betsy Gonnerman have volunteered to host the Friday night special. Dates for 2014 are not yet firm.


Class Projects: Mike Gonnerman reported on behalf of Stu Keiller. The College has a planning document for the main Lodge and bunkhouses at Mt. Moosilauke. Septic system challenges have been addressed (composting toilets). Handicap access issues remain outstanding. During the coming months Stu and others will pursue the question of our having the rebuilding of the Class of 1965 Bunkhouse as a reunion project. Our potential contribution per the College would be around $200,000. A motion was made that the College be notified by the Class that we would make a decision about a project at our 2013 Executive Committee meeting in July.  In order to move forward, we would need a clear description of the plans for the Moosilauke Lodge and ’65 Cabin, with cost estimates. Lacking this we would be unable to make a positive recommendation to the Class Meeting in October 2013. Roger Hansen noted that the College has a number of “shovel-ready” projects which it has offered as Class Projects, but this met with little interest from Classmates, who seemed to prefer a unique Class of ’65 effort. Steve Waterhouse suggested that the Class should get through the P4Ski project before committing to another big-cost effort. He also suggested that any future major contributions to any project should be accepted by the College as counting towards contributions on behalf of our 50th reunion, which was generally agreed.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:28 AM.


Submitted by Ken McGruther

Vice-President and Acting Secretary

1965 Vail Mini-Reunion; March 1-3, 2013 in Vail, Colorado


The Class of 1965 held its 14th Class Mini-Reunion in Vail with 200+ participants in Dartmouth’s largest annual alumni gathering, Dartmouth Winter CarniVAIL.  Messieurs. Campbell, Durrance, Griffiths, Hansen, Lobitz and Waterhouse gathered with wives and many friends to enjoy the festivities of lunches, dinners, cocktails, skiing and the 2nd sold out showing of the Class of ’65’s project managed documentary film, Passion for Snow.


The weekend started with a limited gathering of early birds at the new Vail Village Gondola lift for a first photo op as the main highway was closed due to a snow storm.
 After skiing on wonderful powder day, the group gathered for cocktails in the Swiss Chalet Restaurant of the Sonnenalp Hotel and then dinner in the Bully Pub.


More great snow and skiing interrupted by lunch at Sarge’s Shelter, named after, Sarge Bill Brown, the same person who hassled any Army ROTC alumni in our Class and left Hanover shortly after we departed in 1965 to take over development of Vail for the next 25 years.  Sarge’s imprint is still seen around Vail, and the old timers speak fondly of him.
The group gathered for the 2nd public showing of the Passion for Snow film with standing room only.  The film has been given rave reviews by many individuals, including the President of the International Ski History Association who has called it one of the best documentaries on the history of skiing ever, and a totally professional film.
Some key players in the production of Passion for Snow:  
Myhren ’58, Miller ’55, Griffiths ’65, Hansen ’65, Washing ’63,
Waterhouse ’65, Kelton ’61, Corcoran ’54, Brown ’57, Durrance ’65


Dinner was held at the Sonnenalp function rooms.  Ski industry guests included some of Dartmouth’s greatest skiers like Tom  Corcoran ’54 (over 10 national championships in 4 countries; 2 times Olympian; founding owner of The Waterville Valley Ski Area in NH);  Pete Kirby ’54 (a skier racer who turned to the bobsled to win an Olympic Gold Medal for Canada);  Ralph Miller ’55 (The fastest man on skis for about 20 years after being the first to exceed 100 mph in 1955 at Portillo, Chile); Roger Brown ’57 (recognized as one the greatest ever makers of ski films, a Field Producer on the Passion film, and the Producer of the recently released Vail 50th Anniversary film); Tryg Myhren ’58 T’59 (leader of the 2006 Paralympic team at the Torino Olympics); Art Kelton ’61 (an on screen expert commenting on the contributions of Dartmouth folks in building the ski resort towns that now support the mountain resorts of today); Tom Washing ’63 (another Field Producer on the Passion film project, author of a chapter in the book, and one of the earliest individuals involved with me in the project research); our own Dick Durrance II ’65 (Skimeister at Carnivals in our college years; author of a chapter in the book, and an on screen commentator in the film); and Jim Griffiths ’65 (the former owner of a Hanover area ski mountain, Whaleback).


We gathered for an early morning ski day, called Dawnbusters, up the mountain as day was breaking and skiing for an hour with just a few of us on the mountain….  A great experience!  This was followed by “brunch” at the famous Game Creek Club, the only private club and restaurant actually built on Vail Mountain.  Later on some of us gathered for an end of the weekend dinner at Pepi’s, owned and run by Pepi and Sheika Gramshammer.  Pepi was one of the great ski racers of the 50s-60s, and Sheika is a woman of great personality.


All in all, another great Mini for the Class of 1965!


Best to all, Steve and Linda Waterhouse
Steve and Linda Waterhouse

Spring in Williamsburg”

Class of 1965 Mini: May 3-5, 2012

 Tucker Mays, Chairman, Out of Hanover Mini-Reunions 




You can’t beat the May weather at Williamsburg!

Dave Pearsall, Bill D’Olier, Bill Webster, Steve Fuller, Tim McLaughlin, Jim Griffith, Lee Arbuckle, Marshall Wallach, Brad Hawley, Jim Markworth, Jim Hamilton, Tom Long, and Tucker Mays with spouses enjoyed the spring sunshine, history, and good company.


Thanks to Tucker’s superb organization, discounted room rate accomodations in the village, custom tours and dinners were arranged, and our very own Revolutionary War historian, Tom Long led a Jamestown-Yorktown tour. We also hit Williamsburg the year they celebrate the Battle of Willamsburg, a Civil War battle fought in 1862 that has escaped the notice of many Civil War buffs. Not an insignificant engagement, 4,000 troops from both sides were killed that day.



Williamsburg is an amazing place with a wide variety of cultural, historical, and recreational activities to chose from and it just couldn’t have worked out better that classmates came from as far away as Oregon and Montana to enjoy the comraderie and American history.


Watch the slideshow album with pictures taken by Tom Long and Jim Hamilton.

Tucker Mays

Out-of-Hanover Mini Reunion Chair or (203) 222-1719