Welcome to the Class of 1965 Art Show marking our 50th Reunion.  We hope that this will be a unique opportunity for classmates and their spouses and significant others to share their artwork and interests, in whatever format, with each other and with the Class.  Who knew we had so much talent?

In prior years a reunion Art Show involved bringing your work to Hanover for display during a 2-3 day reunion and finding a safe and secure place to hang and show it.  Although it is always better to see art up close and personal, we will provide a digital slide show format that allows more participants to submit more images that represent a body of work over a period of time.

A separate website has been created specifically for our Art Show.  It is

and it has been populated with a few images so you can see how your art will be displayed.

This website is run by Zenfolio, and while it is primarily for photographers, it fits our needs very well.  There will be a place for each artist’s work, with no real limit on the number of images in the gallery.  A maximum of twenty images seems like a good number for our purposes.  Images from multiple artists’ galleries can be combined into a separate collection that will be used for the continuously running slide show on the HDTV in our Class headquarters in Bryce Commons.

Very importantly, the Zenfolio service is very secure.  Viewers cannot “right-click” on an image and download it to their computer.  We’ve tested this and have not been able to surreptitiously download images either from our personal web sites or from our Dartmouth ‘65 Art Show web site.

And one final benefit to using a web site to display our artwork.  Since it is web-based, our art will be available to anyone on the web.  So rather than having an art show for just a few days during our 50th reunion, it will continue to be available to classmates, family and friends so long as we seem to be using it and the class officers can pay for the site.

John Kunz

Mike Lewis

Lynn Mason

Lance Sims

Curators of the Class of 1965 50th Reunion Art Show