Pete Frederick spearheaded the project to relocate all Veteran’s memorial plaques to the renovated Memorial Stadium.  He also was instrumental in the commissioning and dedication of the 5 foot diameter, forged and fabricated stainless steel Wall Relief Sculpture.   The sculpture was paid for by Sphinx.  The Class of 1965 help defray the cost of moving the existing Memorials.  In addition the Class contributed to an endowment fund established to maintain the Memorials. 
Mystic Eagle w plaques

“The Hill Wind Knows Their Name” is the title of this 5 ft. diameter, forged and fabricated, stainless steel Wall Relief Sculpture for the newly renovated Memorial Stadium of Dartmouth College.

The lyrics are from the second half of the second verse of Dartmouth’s Alma Mater, to be sung only during times of war andlor in memory of Dartmouth Veterans:

…The Mother keeps them in her heart

And guides their altar flame;

The still North remembers them,

The hill-wind knows their name,

And the granite of New Hampshire

Keeps the record of their fame;

And the granite of New Hampshire

Keeps the record of their fame

Pete Fredrick and Ivy League Trophy

Peter holding Ivy League football trophy in early February 2016.

President Mike Gonnerman and wife Betsy man the information booth on the Dartmouth Green dispensing knowledge such as the “100 Things You Must Do in the Upper Valley”.   The Gonnerman’s moved to Hanover in 2012, but have an edge.  Betsy grew-up in Hanover the daughter of a doctor at Mary Hitchcock.  Mike met Betsy at a fraternity party on a visit home from Mount Holyoke College.   As Mike puts it: “We’ve been maried for 47 years — sometimes it works out”.  To see and read about the Gonnerman’s click on:  Mike and Betsy Gonnerman on the Green

The Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund provides a partial scholarship to a member of each current class at Dartmouth.  The four letters linked below are from members of the Classes of ’15, ’16, ’17 and ’18.  Click here to read the letters:  Scholarship Thank You Letters

As of December 31, 2014, the market value of the Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund was $297,667.44 (historic book value – $200,355.54).  In June of 2014, the Fund distributed $12,870.41.  At the end of the current fiscal year, the estimated distribution from the Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund is $13,127.30.  The distributions go into the Financial Aid pool, and then are given to scholars depending on their need.  The College selects the recipients of Class of 1965 Scholarship Fund distributions.


Please see linked treatise on Schlump Season from Vic Mair, Professor of Chinese Language and Literture, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, The University of Pennsylvania.   Schlump Season in Hanover

Please see linked presentation by John McGeachie Dartmouth 50th Reunion:  Computing 1964 to Today.