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Stu Keiller, Webmaster

The links you see on this tab are to websites of classmates who have produced art or are involved in creative projects that may be of interest to you.

If you have a website you would like to have posted here, please email me at

Stu Keiller

I’ve added the websites of the two classes around ours, 1964 and 1966, since many of you know members of those classes.

They can be found on Class of 1964 website and Class of 1966 website.

For checking all the websites from 1932 to 2010, check the college link

Class websites from 1932 to 2010

Dewitt Jones TED Talk

Steve Waterhouse’s trailer for Passion for Snow now available on DVD.

No true blue (whoops, green) Dartmouth alum should miss the attached You Tube Winter Carnival 1930’s-1960s, 12 minutes of classic selected scenes.



Joel Sternfeld

Photographer Joel Sternfeld’s work is in the Museum of Modern Art, the Hood, and the Getty as well as in a number of publications. He teaches at Sarah Lawrence. Here is a link to view his work Joel Sternfeld link.



John Rogers

We met John Rogers at Mini Reunion this October 22 and heard about his website that describes his acoustic blues, ballads, rags, and speaking performances. Check it out John Rogers website


Brian Walsh’s Art

I hope that you enjoy the works. Perhaps one or two will intrigue you, or capture your interest, or trigger a memory.

I hope so. For me the value of art comes from you the viewer and the energy from your interaction with the work.

If there is a spark, I’d love to hear about it. The core of the site is galleries: Paintings, Drawings, Sketches and more to come.

In the galleries, clicking on an image brings some details and a larger version. To get back to the normal page hit escape.

You can page through the images or start a slide show. If you see an image you would like to know more about, note the image number and “submit” it through the form and the picture and further information will appear.  Here is my website:  Brian Walsh’s art


Dick Durrance


Dick Durrance websites to visit describing his motivational presentation he showed us at our 45th Reunion June 2010  Dream Like a Champion website and his and his wife Sue Drinker’s remarkable photography Dick Durrance and Sue Drinker photography website




Bob Komives


Click here for Bob’s poetry:  Bob Komives