About the Book and Film:

The source book, Passion for Skiing  (Ski History Book of the Year) was published in 2010, and the documentary film, Passion for Snow  (Ski History Film of the Year-2013, Emmy Nominee as Best Documentary-2014, Outdoor Writers Association First Place for Television/Adventure Films-2014) premiered in 2013.  They are both based on an extensive 8 year research/production effort by close to 1000 people around the world, including many leading historians of winter subjects.

The book and the 62 minute documentary film outline the enormous number of winter related creations originated out of Hanover NH, and particularly Dartmouth College, during the last 100 years. Not every aspect of skiing history has a Dartmouth/Hanover connection. However, did you know the first ski races, first college ski team, first ski lifts, more Winter Olympians, more National ski champions, and more National Ski Hall of Fame members came from Hanover, NH?  Did you know that more founders/developers of major ski resorts and more businessman/engineers/doctors in ski resorts today have a Hanover connection than with any other place in the world?  Did you know that skiers from this community won multiple medals in the 2014 Olympics, and have provided more Winter Olympic athletes, coaches and staff than any other community?  Winter is also about more than activities related to skiing.  For example, Dartmouth alumni from 1896, 1925, 1926, 1937 and 1971 have created winter poetry (a third of US Poet Laureate Robert Frost’s poems have a “snow” connection), Christmas stories (like Dr. Seuss’s “The Grinch”, and Bob May’s “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer”), made serious medical contributions (legendary US Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop, went in to medicine after an unlucky ski accident), and created ballets with skis (see Moses Pendleton’s leading US modern dance company MOMIX).   All these stories are detailed in the source book and many are featured in the film.

Do you know why this academic community became the overwhelming force in winter?  This unique result relates to an unusual collection of circumstances (clues: from its start in 1769 this community had a physical location with plenty of snow and nearby mountains; over the centuries it attracted smart energetic students looking for fun things to do in the cold months of winter; and the students/community members learned skills taught at one of the “Top 10″  major US Universities (Dartmouth College), including relevant graduate education provided by this institution having founded the 1st US Business School (Tuck), the 1st US Engineering School (Thayer) and 4th US Medical School (Geisel) which were all in operation when our story started in 1910.

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Background on Passion for Skiing book

The Cover of the Passion book shows a typical early Hanover NH skiing scene.

Passion for Skiing is the product of a research and writing effort by hundreds of interested skiers and historians. Some are Dartmouth connected and many are not.  The book shows how a passion for skiing has expressed itself in the lives of Dartmouth-connected folks. All the stories are fascinating, some are close to unreal, and many show the continuing impact of past generations as the green thread of Dartmouth winds through the lives of skiers everywhere and their contemporary activities, often in ways people do not yet fully understand.

The International Ski History Association (ISHA) presented the 2011 Ullr Award (for a book making a significant contribution to skiing history) to the leader of the outstanding team of writers on April 1, 2011 at their annual meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho.  At the ISHA awards ceremony, Steve Waterhouse receives the award from John Fry, President of ISHA, and  Tim Ryan, the sportscaster of many ski racing events worldwide.

Steve Waterhouse dedicated Passion “to all members of the Dartmouth family who have been leaders on the ski slopes, cross country courses, and all the other ways of sliding over snow.”  Here is past President Jim Kim receiving his copy.  (Note: former President Kim is now President of the World Bank in Washington, DC).

And the subsequent film, Passion for Snow


The DVD front and back cover for the documentary film, Passion for Snow

During 2013 and 2014, this film has been recognized with a number of awards (Ski History Film of the Year, Emmy Noiminee, Outdoor Writers Association First Place) and many special screenings. This is the result of a lot of hard work by a group of film experts with many past Emmy and Oscar nominations, and a huge group of  enthusiastic amateurs supporting them with details on the factual history of modern skiing.  In addition to the excellent historical content, the quality of the film production has also received high praise, and the DVD includes many extras beyond the main film.

Group shot

On March 1, 2013, the key Passion team members present at the film’s Western Premiere in Vail, Colorado.  Tryg Myhren ’58 Ralph Miller ’55, Jim Griffiths ’65, Roger Hansen ’65, Tom Washing ’63, Steve Waterhouse ’65, Art Kelton ’61, Tom Corcoran ’54, Roger Brown ’57, and Dick Durrance ’65.

 Steve and Tiger Shaw in ball room

In February 2014, the Passion for Snow film was screened at the US Congress in Washington, DC as part of the “Send Off” celebration for the US Winter Olympic Ski Team.  Pictured above are Tiger Shaw ’83  President of the US Ski Association that managers the US Ski Team;  US Representative Anne Kuster ’78 (NH-2),  Co-Chair of the Congressional ski and snowboard caucus; and Steve Waterhouse ’65, Executive Producer of the Passion Film.

NE Emy

In June 2014 a dozen members of the Passion team attended the Emmy Awards for New England to celebrate the Passion film’s Nomination as “Documentary of the Year.”

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“NOTE:      Passion for Snow has been screened on a number of PBS television channels throughout the USA during 2013-14.  In new screenings since late 2014, this statement will show up at the end of some screenings to identify for viewers where they can get copies of this film or the source book, Passion for Skiing.