November 2015

Dear Classmate,

Your class recently held its Hanover mini-reunion on Homecoming weekend.  On Friday, participating classmates enjoyed a reception plus the Dartmouth Night parade and bonfire.  On Saturday, they had a cookout preceding the football game [Dartmouth trounced Yale!] at renovated Memorial Stadium.  In the evening we had cocktails and dinner at Pierce’s Inn.

The mini-reunion participants held a class meeting in which, among other things, we discussed:

  • a special 2016 mini-reunion in Normandy, France being led by classmate Tom Long – visit the class website  www.biggreen65.com  and follow a link on the Mini Reunions page to learn more;
  • the consolidation of war memorial plaques at Memorial Stadium – spearheaded by classmate Pete Frederick and supported by your class dues; and,
  • the commitment to apply your dues to provide financial support to four Dartmouth programs – freshman trips, athletic visitations, native American students and Baker Library.

If you have not yet paid this year’s class dues, please do so now.  Send the enclosed form with your $65. dues payment in the envelope provided when you receive our mailed solicitation.   Alternatively you can pay using PayPal by clicking on yellow button below.

Thank you!


George Wittreich,                                                                                                                                                Treasurer

November 2014


Class of 1965 Treasurer