Class Officers Weekend Dinner on Friday September 15

 Class Officers Photo - Sept 2017

 — clockwise from left — Mike Gonnerman’65, Bill Webster’65, Hank Amon’65, Betsy Gonnerman, Jane Wittreich, George Wittreich’65, Joel Sternman’65, Barbara Sternman.  Jim Griffiths’65 took the photo.  Ted Bracken ’65 was also in Hanover earlier that day.

 2017 Class Officer Pictures

July 2017 – Bill Webster’s Home 

Left to right:  Dan Walden, Mike Gonnerman, George Wittreich, Hank Amon, Bill Webster, Jim Griffiths, Roger Hansen.

Dartmouth Class of 1965 Officers for 2015 to 2020

President:  Mike Gonnerman

Vice President:  Roger Hansen

Secretary:  John Rogers

Treasurer:  George Wittreich

Newletter Editor:  Dick Harris

Webmaster:  Stu Keiller

Hanover Mini Reunions:  Mike Gonnerman

Out of Hanover Minis:  tbd

Projects: Mt. Moosilauke:  Stu Keiller

Projects Other: tbd

Head Agent of Annual Fund: Don Bradley

Planned Giving:  Hank Amon  Bill Webster

Alumni Council:  Roger Hansen

Class Scholarships:  Hank Amon

  • Class email:                                                        Net I.D. F0026SF,   Password: Dart.1965,                                                                              Security Question (all) answer: dart1769


Jim Griffiths
Bob McConnaughey

Past Officers 2010-2015

President: Roger Hanson
Vice President: Ken McGruther
Secretary: Tom Long
Treasurer Mike Gonnerman
Head Agent: Don Bradley
Gift Planning: Hank Amon
Alumni Council: Ed Keible
50th Reunion: Steve Fowler, Mike Bettmann 
Hanover Mini Reunions: George Wittrich
Out of Hanover Reunion: Tucker Mays
Projects: Stu Keiller
Newsletter: Dick Harris
Webmaster: Stu Keiller

Past Officers 2005 – 2010

President: Ken McGruther
Vice President: Ed Keible
Secretary: Roger Hansen
Treasurer: Bob Murphy
Head Agent: Jim Griffiths
Gift Planning: Bill Webster
Alumni Council: Hank Amon
45th Reunion: Bruce Wagner, Ted Atkinson
Hanover Mini-Reunions: Bob McConnaughey
Out of Hanover Reunion: Bob Blake
Projects: Mike Gonnerman
Newsletter: Carl Boe
Webmaster: John Sottile

Past Officers 2000 – 2005

President: Hank Amon
Secretary: Ken McGruther
Treasurer: Steve Fowler
Head Agent: Ed Kieble
Gift Planning: Bill Webster
Reunion: Roger Hansen, Pete Frederick
Newsletter: Bob Murphy
Webmaster: Mike Gonnerman, John Sottile '64

Past Officers 1995 – 2000

President: Jim Griffiths
Secretary: Dick Bordeau
Treasurer: Brian Walsh 
Head Agent: Hank Amon
Reunion: Mike Bettman
Newsletter: Ted Atkinson, Alan Zern

Past Officers 1990 – 1995

President: Alan Zern
Secretary: Jack Heidbrink
Treasurer: Steve Waterhouse
Head Agent: Ted Bracken
Reunion: Jim Griffith
Newsletter: Bruce Jolly

 Past Officers 1990 – 1995

President: Bill Webster
Secretary: Bruce Jolly
Treasurer: BJim Frank
Head Agent: Tom McLaughlin
Reunion: Frank Hermes, Jack Heidbrink, Bruce Wagner
Newsletter: Ted Atkinson

Past Officers 1985-1990

President: Bill Webster
Secretary: Bruce Jolly
Treasurer: Jim Frank
Head Agent: Tim McLaughlin
Reunion: Frank Hermes, Jack Heidbrink, Bruce Wagner
Newsletter: Ted Atkinson

Past Officers 1980-1985

President: Punch Lochridge, Jack Hosmer
Secretary: Bob Blake
Treasurer: Dennis Purnell
Head Agent: Bill Oberlink, Bill Webster
Reunion: Steve Waterhouse, Larry Duffy
Newsletter: Jack Heidbrink

Past Officers 1975-1980

President: Steve Waterhouse
Secretary: Dick Avery
Treasurer: Jim Scott
Head Agent: Jack Hosmer, Rex Roberts
Reunion: Rich Beams, Ted Bracken
Newsletter: Bob McConnaughy

Past Officers 1970-1975

President: Pete Frederick
Secretary: Rick Mahoney
Treasurer: Roger Rhines
Head Agent: Steve Waterhouse
Reunion: Rick Mahoney
Newsletter: Ted Bracken

Past Officers 1965-1970

President: John Richardson
Secretary: JRick Mahoney
Treasurer: Jay Johnson
Head Agent: Larry Duffy
Reunion: Rick Mahoney
Newsletter: Hank Amon